Unfold the Evangel before your eyes!

Are you lost?
Are you worn out?
Are you overwhelmed?
Are you rational?

Only rational, non-dogmatic persons can understand and accept this message. Give yourself a try. Nothing will be like before, I promise!

quarta-feira, outubro 29, 2008

Pray for the United States


Dear friends in Brazil,

This request is not based on fear, but as a “Battle Cry” for reinforcements.

I have a huge favor to ask. As the time for America’s election nears, I see more clearly that this election is much more than who will be our next president. It is very evident that this is a huge Spiritual battle and our freedoms and way of life are at stake. Many Christians have been praying for revival across this country and have been watching the signs of God’s judgment for years.

Please pray with us:

1. For His mercy
2. For revival like we have never experienced before
3. For His choice for the leader of America be elected
4. That regardless of the outcome of the election, He will be glorified and many will come to know Him as Lord & Savior

As you may know, Obama is BAD news! He promises to overturn every law that protects innocent lives from abortion. And bring about gay marriages. Even more serious is the fact that this president will likely appoint at least two Supreme Court Justices. If liberal judges are appointed, it is very possible that it may be 30 or 40 years before it will be possible to reverse any of the changes in our laws. There is also evidence of voter registration fraud which will undermine free election. We may not know the outcome of the election until much later after November 4 – like when President Bush was elected – or worse. We are also facing the real possibility of a serious recession or even depression.

If I didn’t know God is in full control, it could be frightening. He asks us to pray and I am asking you to please join us.

Please feel free to share these requests with others as you feel prompted.

Thank you.
Love your sister in Christ,