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Are you lost?
Are you worn out?
Are you overwhelmed?
Are you rational?

Only rational, non-dogmatic persons can understand and accept this message. Give yourself a try. Nothing will be like before, I promise!

domingo, abril 19, 2009

He did it again!

What are the odds that someone contributes to change your life not only once, or twice, but three times? Jim Choury did it again! He has just changed my life again.

He has been doing it through books. The first time it happened, he introduced me to Discipling Nations, by Darrow Miller. I had quit being a leftist, or Marxist, if you prefer. I had been a Christian for some years then, but still could not replace the old ideas of my youth in my mind. I mean, I knew they were wrong and vaguely incompatible with my new faith, but I did not know what to put in their place.

Reading Miller's book, I astonishingly found I had everything I needed to bury the Marxist in me. The Christian faith had everything I needed to fundament my worldview. That was liberating! It had not been the first step into that, though. Years before, I had learned with Jim that to be Christian one has to be rational, or a non-dogmatic person. That was quite a surprise for me, who always kept my faith and my rational beliefs in separate compartments.

I have been struggling, ever since, to purify my worldview and influence others with the truth. The problem is even if you possess the truth and you know it, it does not make it automatically easier to transmit it to others. People are too complex for that. And so are their ideas.

This is where Jim came in to change my life again. He sent me an e-mail and told me about his adventures in Denver, Colorado, talking to people about Jesus. I am not sure how exactly, the Lord touched him to send me the books that were helping him in that task. And he was generous enough to just do it!

I have just finished reading the first one, Tactics, by Gregory Koukl and I can tell it changed my life profoundly! The author taught me to be prepared to defend my beliefs like never before! Not only that, his arguments are so powerfully built, that it enables one to oppose virtually anybody's wrong ideas.

May the Lord keep blessing Jim and his wife Barb for all they have been doing to touch others lives like he did with me. I could never express my full gratitude, Jim.